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Revenue Streams

There are four primary revenue streams:
  1. 1.
    There will be a transaction fee charged on all smart contracts and dApps deployed from Forward Factory. For example, if someone uses a smart contract from the library, Forward Protocol will charge a small fee for every transaction they complete (decided by the DAO).
  2. 2.
    Every transaction on the Forward Chain attracts a transaction fee which will be covered with $FORWARD (once Forward Chain is live on the mainnet).
  3. 3.
    When a blockchain or subnet is deployed, there will be a fixed cost incurred for the deployment and an annual renewal cost paid in $FORWARD.
  4. 4.
    Commission from the fees that a developer sets in the form of a fixed deployment fee, a monthly/annual fee, a transaction fee, or a percentage of the transaction fee (like App Store or Play Store).
All smart contracts will first attempt to deduct fees from the integrating platform's pre-purchased token pool, otherwise they will acquire tokens from the open market as necessary to fulfill the transaction.