Go-To-Market Strategy
Forward Protocol uses a B2B model to acquire new users. The objective is to onboard various applications, organizations, companies, partners, websites, and so on to adopt Forward Protocol. Forward Protocol’s focus is not to attract users one by one in a B2C model.

Fiat On/Off Ramp will be provided with the applications developed to ensure easier adoption, especially with users that are unfamiliar with blockchain. The ramp helps them transact as they normally would with their credit cards. Their funds will be converted to USDT/BUSD/USDC and then to $FUSD at a 1:1 ratio for internal liquidity and cross-chain transactions. They will also be converted from $FUSD and $FORWARD to their local currency when they want to withdraw into their card/bank account.
The integration of fiat ramp into Forward Protocol applications will also provide payment gateways to multiple debit and credit card issuers and facilitate the adoption of the Forward Protocol framework worldwide in the value-driven economy.

By enabling Web 3.0 adoption, Forward Protocol becomes the connection for companies and organizations who aren't familiar with navigating the complexities of blockchain. These organizations will be able to use the deployed applications with the same ease and familiarity as other applications they use daily.
Instead of making users of the deploying platforms pay fees at every step, traditional applications absorb these as ‘infrastructure costs.’
Forward Protocol will provide a gasless transaction experience to enhance the ease of blockchain adoption.
You wouldn’t use most applications you use today as much if you had to pay gas at every turn!

Forward Protocol’s first Deployment is in Decentralized Education (DeEd)

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    English Forward - PoV, PovD, DRRS
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    Unified Council - PoO
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